I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider. For the past 20 years I have worked primarily with children, adolescents and young adults in various settings, including juvenile correctional centers, residential treatment programs, and community -based programs. In addition to what I know have been countless positive impacts to the children, youth and families served through these programs, being a member of the team, helping to find solutions to the many complex problems has been so interesting and gratifying for me. There is such fun in being curious and asking HOW instead of being satisfied with only the WHAT, especially when those questions are best answered in relationship with others.

Working together, PSYchoDynamics will apply these same principles to support those pursuing improved quality of life and wellness. Research is increasingly demonstrating the interconnections between the mind, body and spirit indicating that lifestyle changes in these areas are central to achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing. While change may not always be easy, I know that each problem comes bearing the gift of its own solution. That is what PSYchoDynamics is all about.

As the great architect Zaha Hadid has said,

There are 360° so why stick to one?

Whether through assessments, supervision, training, consultation, or Well Care coaching, PSYchoDynamics’ services encourage the integrative, collaborative, and evidence- based approach necessary to find just the right angle – to find what works for each individual or group.

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Coaching is not psychotherapy. Although coaching and psychotherapy may seem similar since both utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivation, behavioral change, and interactive techniques, they significantly differ. The major differences are in their goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility, making them two entirely different services. Whereas psychotherapy is a health care service offered to identify, diagnose, and treat clinically diagnosable emotional and behavioral conditions, coaching is neither a health care service, nor does coaching treat mental health disorders. Psychotherapy aims to alleviate symptoms, understand the underlying dynamics which create symptoms, change dysfunctional behaviors resulting from these disorders, and help patients develop new strategies to successfully cope with the psychological challenges they will face. By comparison, coaching is focused on the collaborative development and implementation of strategies to help clients reach client-identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Coaching may address specific personal projects, work/life balance, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in the client’s life, business, or profession.

No. Although I am a licensed clinical psychologist, Psychodynamics, LLC does not offer psychotherapy services. If, in the course of our work together, either you or I have reason to believe you may be experiencing an undiagnosed or untreated mental or emotional health problem, I will gladly provide you with a referral for a psychotherapy consultation.
I am currently enrolled in MentorCoach® L.L.C., one of the oldest International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programs, and one that will enable me to be eligible for certification as a Health and Wellness Coach through the International Coaching Federation. With this, I will have a thorough understanding of evidence-based processes of lifestyle change, as well as lifestyle, health, wellness, and positive psychology applicable to individuals, groups, and organizations. I will also have the training necessary to pursue National Board Certification through the National Board of Medical Examiners in partnership with the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).