Dr. Dawn Klemann, LPC, CSOTP
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Coaching Psychologist. For the past 20 years I have provided services in a variety of settings to individuals across every stage of life.   Working together to make a difference, to encourage change, and to find solutions to many complex problems has been so interesting and gratifying for me. There is such fun in being curious and asking HOW instead of being satisfied with only the WHAT, especially when those questions are best answered in relationship with others.

PSYchoDynamics will apply these same principles to support those pursuing improved quality of life and wellness. Research is increasingly demonstrating the interconnections between the mind, body and spirit indicating that lifestyle changes in these areas are central to achieving and maintaining health and well-being. While change may not always be easy, I know that each problem comes bearing the gift of its own solution. That is what PSYchoDynamics is all about.

As the great architect Zaha Hadid has said,

There are 360° so why stick to one?

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Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Provider

To be seen and known by others is an incredible feeling of connection but it means being authentic and vulnerable. Sadly, we live in a time with the illusion of connection while being more disconnected than ever. You may feel disconnected from others and even from yourself. Though you are a gift to this world, it is often blocked and unexpressed. This may leave you feeling alone and invisible. The truth is, you may be starving for deeper connection and that starvation looks like depression, anxiety, stress, and more. When you are living disconnected, you are abandoning yourself.

Thankfully, you have a beautiful inner voice. I help you redefine your view of barriers (I call it protection), frustration around recurring struggles, failures, shame+fears through a lens of compassion, curiosity, and courage. My working style is non-judgmental, and I endeavor to bring curiosity, humor, empathy, patience, and respect to our relationship.

Please note that I provide therapy only through a telehealth modality as my office is primarily located in New York state. However, I’m fully licensed in Virginia as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Provider.