Easy Does It: Email-Interview (Part II) with Dr. Joan Vernikos

  Welcome to part two of my email-interview with Culpeper’s own Dr. Joan Vernikos.  This month’s Wellness and Wellbeing segment began last week as she shared her research, both from earth and space to encourage us to move.  This week, it’s all about what she calls “the juice of life”.  Stress. As Joan explained it, stress is as much a part of us as breathing. It is a stimulus we need to energize us. But when there’s too much, it is the most pernicious cause of illness and pain, making every health condition worse, ultimately leading to early death.  Yet…


Living is Moving: Email-Interview (Part I) with Dr. Joan Vernikos

“If you come upon someone who is not moving, your first thought is, are they dead?” Now that you mention it, she’s right. She is Dr. Joan Vernikos, a Doctor of Pharmacology, speaker, author, an inspiration, and great fun on the tennis court.  Culpeper is lucky to have her.  She was born to a 60-year-old physician who trained in Medicine before the use of most technological diagnostic tools and laboratory tests.  Instead, he used his hands, checking body temperature, asking questions, and listening to the patient. This approach is now what we think of as Functional Medicine and was foundational…


The Gifts of Nature

Just call me Doctor Dolittle.  In the last two weeks, I have had the pleasure of being fluttered by two butterflies.  I have crossed paths with two bunny rabbits.  I have been up close and personal with two deer and witnessed a third nursing her two fawns.  I’m afraid to say it, but to see it on paper, this sounds less like Dr. Dolittle, and more like Noah’s Ark.   In either case, it is quite remarkable. Yes, I know, this nature has always been here.  It was here long before me, and God willing, it will be here long after. …


How It’s Done

  I saw you and I was impressed.  Of course, it may not have been you at all.  But if it was, you were on point.  It looked as though you were interviewing for the job you’ve always wanted.  You were prepared, polished and professional.  You arrived ten minutes before the hour, so I’m guessing you were early.  You were careful to check yourself over, making sure each hair was in place and you were ready.  And I gotta tell you, that splash of red was just right.  It offered just the right dose of personality without being gauche or…


Powerful Memories

Funny story.  Years ago, my daughter told her preschool teacher that before moving to town, our home was in shambles and we ate our dinners on the living room floor. Sort of.  Actually, we had removed our carpet to expose the hard wood floors and had packed up all the furniture in preparation for our move. Apparently, our daughter believed at the time that the reason we moved at all was because our house was such a mess! She was right, the house was a mess, but the mess was the result of the move, not the cause. But can…


Eat Well, Feel Well, Be Well

“What we eat profoundly affects both our physical and mental health”.  This is according to Wolfram Alderson, MS.  He, along with Dr. Robert Lustig founded the Institute for Responsible Nutrition.  This organization was eventually merged with EatReal.org.  This month you will meet him along with Roberta Ruggiero, the founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF).  As President, Roberta along with Wolfram, HSF’s CEO, are working from the grassroots-up.  Through advocacy and education, they have impacted the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of people. This journey began for each of them as a personal one.  Roberta explained, “no matter…


Email- Interview with Roberta Ruggiero, Founder of the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

What concerns you most in the world of wellness and metabolic health? Here in my home office in South Florida, e-mails arrive on a daily basis from around the world. I correspond with parents, teachers, students, patients and even doctors from as far away as China, India, Africa, Pakistan and even the Kingdom of Bahrain. These people have one thing in common – they all suffer from hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar – and they have nowhere to turn. They are often desperate. Through the organization I founded, the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, my book, The Do’s and Don’ts…


Email-Interview with Wolfram Alderson – CEO, Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

From your personal experience, as well as from your work with the Institute For Responsible Nutrition and the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF), how do sugar and processed foods contribute to how we feel, what we do, and how we relate to others? Thank you for mentioning my work founding the Institute for Responsible Nutrition (with Dr. Robert Lustig). After merging that organization with EatReal.org, I decided to “swim upstream” in the field of metabolic health and nutrition, seeking a point in the development of chronic disease that was early enough to make a significant difference and prevent folks from advancing…


Long Live the Boogie Man

My brother John used to live in the linen closet. Not really. He was just pretend. But he was the best brother anyone could ever have. Not only was he to blame when things went wrong, but he was my problem solver, and my protector too. There was a mean girl in the neighborhood (let’s call her Edwina) who threatened to beat me up. I admit, I was intimidated by her, but I couldn’t tell her that. So I calmly told her about John.  I explained that he was unpredictable. No one ever knew when he would come out or…


A Child Knows

A bowl of oil.  I’m just glad I asked.  Even at 4 years old, my son taught me an important lesson that day.  Apparently, kids have their own thoughts.  And apparently their thoughts are not what their grownups think they are. For months we struggled with bedtime. As we saw it, this behavior could not be tolerated, and it had to change.  Afterall, we needed our sleep.  But he wasn’t having it.  We had so many theories of what was wrong.  As you can imagine, with every theory came a different trick or strategy.  A hug, a scolding, a pill. …

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